Dear Gardeners,

Gardening takes care, provides a sense of calm, and at times demands us to be cautious and diligent in our actions. So, it goes without saying, that we are taking the Gardener’s approach to COVID-19 outbreak. We are taking care with our employees and customers by being diligent with disinfecting surfaces, employees are required to wear masks, keeping our large greenhouse fans running for ventilating fresh air in continuously, and asking personal distance to keep it calm.

We are open and sincerely hope to see you Gardeners enjoying the new touches to our Greenhouse! It’s just a great space to come and shop in.


If you have questions please email or call us and we will do what we can.


We are here for you Gardeners. Let’s Get Growing…


Travis, Bre, Lori, Candie, Heidi and the rest of the Greenhouse Team