Park Benches

You deserve a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the beautiful garden you've created.  Scroll or straight-lined to fit any garden decor.

Vertical Garden Kits

These cute little hanging gardens are sure to brighten up your outdoor spaces!  Perfect for 3-5" plants.  We recommend adding Soil Moist to your planting mix with this size container.  Available in two colors.

Plant Nannys

Have a plant that seems to dry out more quickly than others?  Planning an extended trip and need a way to keep your plants watered while you're gone?  A Plant Nanny uses a recycled wine (or other) bottle filled with water and inverted into the hollow clay stake to keep your plants happy!  Singles and four-packs.

Bamboo Chimes

New this year--there be dragons!  In two delightfully scary patterns!

Bloom Garden Gear

We're loving these practical and colorful items from Bloom!  Plastic trugs, collapsible garden bags, and watering cans in mix and match colors.  Which will find its way to YOUR garden?!

Gauntlet Gloves

If you're tired of scratched arms while pruning roses or other stickery plants and shrubs, these are the gloves for you.  Three sizes, three pretty colors.

New for the 2015 Growing Season

Every year, our owners go to lots and lots of trade shows to find the best new products for you, our customers. Here's a taste of what's new this year.  

New Sloggers

Sloggers are the perfect shoe for gardening and running errands.  We have new colors and patterns to coordinate with everything you own!  Which colors speak to you?